Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NEW SUPERELITE BLOG (this one is now closed)

Hi everyone,

Our blog has changed. And this one has been officially laid to rest.

You can read all about the SUPERELITE AGENCY, ACADEMY & SIM  here:


And we invite you to FOLLOW this new blog and all the exciting things that are coming up for SUPERELITE.




Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. & Miss Winter 2010 Crowned! (And we have pics!)

Congrats to Estela Parx, SuperSearch's 2010 Miss Winter

And congrats to More Ying, SuperSearch's 2010 Mr. Winter

They will be eligible to compete for the title of Mr. & Miss SuperSearch 2010

We also want to extend our congratulations to Diconay Boa & Apollo Call for being named 1st Runners Up.

The 2nd Runners up were Melanie Sautereau and Dragonbird Amiot

We also want to thank all our wonderful sponsors, designers, contestants and judges for a fabulous and full show.

To see more of the fabulous clothes and SuperElite models, just CLICK HERE for more pics.

SuperELITE Model of the Week: HoneyBear Lilliehook

Name: HoneyBear Lilliehook

SL Rez Day: 6/16/2007

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: I prefer Honey, but answer to any derivative of my name.

Interests / Activities: I have some businesses that keep me busy. I own a mall, a shoe store for which I build shoes, rental properties, and of course, shopping and modeling, and when I have a spare moment of time, I like to write in my blog.

Your major influence(s) in Business: Bill Gates. Like his products or not, he built a multi-million dollar business treating his employees like family, and fairly.

Your major influence(s) in Life: My family, of course. But I've had several close friends who impacted my life in huge ways...always for the good.

Best SL Experience(s): I've lived a pretty charmed SL...every day has brought wonderful people across my path, who have enriched my life in many ways. I've learned photography and Photoshop from some of the best, and that's become a true passion for me.

Worst SL Experience(s): Waiting for the first sale of my first pair of shoes *laughs* and the two times I've been "griefed".

Favorite SL Hangout(s): There is a place called the Forum Hangout. It's the hangout for a large group of people who frequent the SL forums....which I used to.
Why: Some of my longest friendships have been built from that group of people, who are builders, scripters, business owners, and the education I've gotten from them over the past two years has been invaluable. Not to mention, they're just a lot of fun, and treat me like family.

Favorite SL Store(s): Oh wow. Is there that much space? Some of my favorites are Azul, Morea Style, Designing Nicky Ree, DeLa, COCO and Aoharu....really, there are just too many to name them all!
Why: I'm a prim queen, I admit it. I love clothes that are detailed with crisp lines.

Favorite SL Designer(s): This week? Mami Jewell is almost always at the top of my list, along with Morea Decosta, Ranena Olivier and Potnia Theas. This week, I've gotten attached to the designs of Djod Daru. It seriously changes from week to week, and there are far too many to list here.
Why: Original and elegant designs, with impressive prim work. What more could you ask for? ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010


This Saturday at Noon we will be awarding the Miss and Mister Winter crowns, for the second "Season" of our SuperSearch 2010 awards show.

The stage is amazing and the models so talented.

It's going to be an amazing event. Here is the SLURL:


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SuperELITE Model of the Week: Miaa Rebane

And the New Miss Virtual World for 2010 is...

Name: Miaa Rebane

SL Rez Day: 2/27/2009

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Miaa

Interests / Activities: in SL -- Shopping, Photoshop-ing, Fishing (thanks to Natasja Schuman for getting me into this :P ), and fashion blogging (for which I don't get much time now).. In short what every fashion-obsessed girl in SL likes :P

Your major influence(s) in Business: Kay Fairey & Sequoia Nightfire

Your major influence(s) in Life: Parents & Alan Cooper (Advocate of Interaction Design)

Best SL Experience(s): Winning Miss Virtual World 2010

Worst SL Experience(s): I guess being misinterpreted coz it's difficult to read emotions hiding behind an AV.

Favorite SL Hangout(s): Anywhere with friends.

Favorite SL Store(s): Zaara, Paper Couture, Kookie, !Ohmai, SMS, Milk Motion, Lelutka, Meghindo's, Nicky Ree, Alb Fashion, and a whole lot of Japanese stores.

Favorite SL Designer(s): Same as above. I especially like Japanese designers coz they make really high quality clothing for a reasonable price.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

And One Last Round of Applause for Miss Virtual Worlds 2008 & 2009!

Congrats also to former Miss Virtual World 2008, Isabel Brocco (and Elite Class Instructor), one of the judges at the pageant.

And as she took her last walk as Miss Virtual World 2009, our Mimmi Boa, SuperElite's Head Model and Elite Class Instructor) got a standing ovation for over 5 minutes.

Congratulations Mimmi. I can't imagine anyone holding the crown with more style, grace or charity. For those of you who do not know, Mimmi used her crown to create the largest charity shows in SL. Thanks to her real children in Africa have real care they would not have had without her time and generosity.

You are an impossible act to follow Mimmi.

Congrats to 2010 Miss Virtual World (& SuperEliter) Miia Rebane!

SuperELITE proudly congratulates 2010's Miss Virtual World, Miia Rebane.

It was a wonderful competition filled with SE models, instructors, students, lecturers and friends. Our congratulations to:

Natalia Corvale, Miss Canada

Melanie Sautereau, Miss Holland

Wenadrenia Soderstom, Miss Germany

Nemi McCoy, Miss India

Dancer Dallagio, Miss Ireland

Chirzaka Vladovic, Miss Latvia

Ivyana Szondi, Miss Nigeria

Sabine Blackburn, Miss Switzerland

Violette Weymann, Miss Turkey

Ella Quinsette, Miss UK

Janina Scarmon, Miss USA

We are so proud of all of you!