Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SuperELITE Model of the Week: Apollo Call

Name: Apollo Call

SL Rez Day: 03/18/2008

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: just.. Apollo ..;)

Interests / Activities: Building, Arts, Music, Literature, Sci-fi

Your major influence(s) in Business:

Topaz Joubert, CEO of Maniera :When I started modeling, I had hard time finding my right skin and my own style. Then I met Topaz. I was just a new unknown model but she took me many places to show me the way to create my own style. She is very caring peoson and I trust her decision. Still now, I ask her suggestion when I get a difficult assignment.
Phillip DollingerSince I met him at the Mr.VW 2009 casting, he amazes me every time I see him. He creates the coolest style in any outfits and uses the poses very effectively. I have the different destination of style, but he is the best mentor and strongly influential to me.

Your major influence(s) in Life: Mr Virtual World Contest 2009:

I was just a Starfleet officer in a Star Trek group, building holograms in the Astrometric Deck. And a friend of mine told me about this event. I just applied to see what it was all about and realized that the contestants and all of the finalists were models. They really looked and moved so cool. It was an exciting experience, walking on the huge runway even if I couldn't cut in. Since then, I started to observe many runway shows and sent applications to agencies. I am so honored to be chosen by many agencies.

Best SL Experience(s): Every day, I find something new and some one new here. I am looking forward to see more good side of SL.

Worst SL Experience(s): SL is our oasis, relaxing and living in the amazing world where you could be anything. I am trying not to get involved in dramas, but I have heard many unbelievable tragic stories. Fortunately I haven't experienced any horrible situation yet.

Favorite SL Hangout(s): 1) Uniter Federation Starfleet
Why: This is my homeground. I went there a first day of SL. Now I am LT Commander and the Director of Astronomy Department and also an assistant Dean of Galactica Science College at Starfleet Academy. We have over 500 members and enjoy the free style Star Trek RP.

2) Olympian's hideout

Why: This is my home.

Favorite SL Store(s): Hair:Uncleweb, W&Y, Colors, TEKUTEKU, Tsukinowaguma, Novocaine, Sky Everettte, MADesign. Sadistic Hacker, booN, Eyes: CHAI, SaWoDe, Curio, YourSkin Skins: Belleza, SaWoDe, Redgrave, Damiani, Abyss Clothes & Accessories: Gabriel, Muism, Redgrave, LikeA, grasp, Connors, Mandala, Sole, Chronokit watch, Why:They have the high quality goods with realistic details.

Favorite SL Designer(s): There are many amazing designers here The following designers are good friends of mine and I love their creativity. I am so proud to be their representative print model.

Takuya Jinn ( Gabriel designer )Why: He is truly an artist. His creations have amazing details and show his esthetic sense and the amazing technique
Enzo ChampagneWhy: You can see the grace and the sensuality in his dresses with fabulous European sense. Now he is creating the elegant male fashion in unique style.