Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SuperELITE SuperSEARCH 2010 Announced

SuperElite Modeling Agency is looking for the Best Female and Male models on the Grid and You can be one of them !!

This contest is reserved to female and male MODELS ONLY !

It is a multi-level competition based on live modeling and objective judging.

A panel of judges ("who" may change from step to step), professionals in the modeling and fashion industries, will review, critique and select the winners for each season. NO VOTES !!

We will crown :
- SuperElite Miss & Mister Autumn,
- SuperElite Miss & Mister Winter,
- SuperElite Miss & Mister Spring,
- SuperElite Miss & Mister Summer.

We will select also, two(2) runners up, for Miss "season" and Mister "season" (that means two female and two male runners up).

On September 26th, 2010, on the occasion of the 2nd SuperElite Modeling Agency Anniversary, we will organize one of the most granduous fashion show of the year, where our eight(8) Miss and eight(8) Misters AND their Runner ups will compete to be crowned as the best female and male Model on the gird and so.... our "Miss SuperElite 2010" and "Mr. SuperElite 2010" !


The 2 winners of the Season will :
1. be invited to become SuperElite Models
2. receive 2,000 L$ from SuperElite Modeling Agency
3. receive an haute couture outfit provided by our sponsor
4. for the months following their win, they will be SuperElite's focused promotion models, appearing in the advertising (flyer) for the next season search
5. be interviewed in the SuperElite blog :

The 4 runners up will :
1. be invited to become SuperElite Models,
2. receive 1,000 L$ from SuperElite Modeling Agency
3. receive an haute couture outfit provided by our sponsor


In September 26th, 2010, on the occasion of the 2nd SuperElite Modeling Agency Anniversary, we will organize one of the most granduous fashion show of the year, where our 8 Miss and 8 Misters AND their Runners up will compete for to be crown as the Best female and male Model of the gird and so.... our "Miss SuperElite 2010" and "Mr. SuperElite 2010" !

Miss and Mr. SuperElite 2010 will :
1. receive 10,000 L$ prize money from SuperElite Modeling Agency
2. become SuperElite TOP Models and be hired for various modeling work within the Agency
3. during one year, they will be considered the "Face" of SuperElite Modeling Agency, appearing in most of the advertising for magazines and other media, shows invitations, etc
4. SuperElite will be given also priority for all modeling jobs available, only being replaced in the event if they are unavailable
5. a specially designed, unique, haute couture outfit from one of our sponsors.
6. an interview in the SuperElite blog :
Become a Top Model of SuperElite Modeling Agency and our First Miss an Mister 2010 !

Thank you for your interest in SuperElite Modeling Agency and hope to see you join us for this event.

The SuperElite SuperSearch Team:
Yasmine Kidd
Rena Mascot
Angelik Slade
Phillip Dollinger
Nani Wrigglesworth
Lorelei Maggs
Tiara Calvert

Monday, September 28, 2009


Congratulations to Fashionista on its First Anniversary! To help celebrate, all of the amazing shops on the island are contributing to a Champagne Hunt beginning 9/28 at 8AM SLT.

Incredible gifts costing over 1,000L can be found there. All from stores like Lady Thera, Glance skins, MEB, A La Folie and many more.

Head to Fashionista Island today and click on the champagne!

SuperELITE Model of the Week: Annabelle Fleury

Name: Annabelle Fleury

SL Rez Day: 8th of December 2006

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Annabelle

Interests / Activities: Acting in movies, walking the runway, photoshoots, seeing fashionshows, hanging out with friends, shopping, sometimes dancing.

Your major influence(s) in Business: The person who influenced me the most in SL is Una Ewing (EFA). I met her when I was a few months old and she told me she wanted to start a modeling agency and also asked me to become a model for her. That happened! We (the other models and me) learned all the ins and outs to become a good model, from her. We started to walk on the Chocolate Runway, which was high in the sky. We had big success with the First Impression Shows I, II and III (which still are on YouTube). I became Una's first topmodel :)

Then my dad died. I didn't have the energy to go on in modeling coz it takes a lot of concentration and time and I felt I couldn't do my utmost best anymore. I stopped. Later when things were a bit back to normal again for me I wanted to get back in modeling, but that wasn't easy. In the meantime lots of new agencies were in SL, Una wasn't leading EFA anymore and nobody knew me anymore. I had to start from the beginning. It took a while before it worked out well and found some fantastic agencies who wanted me as a model, amongst them SuperElite!

In life influence: my brother suggested 2,5 years ago to take a look in Second Life. He saw a documentary about it on tv. He know I was a gamer (WoW, Guildwars), but this was something special according him. So I did..... I entered SL and still am here.
Your major influence(s) in Second Life: Helping friends and others with styling their avatar. Don't think its major though.

Best SL Experience(s): 1) To make friends from all over the world is possible here, to learn some habits from their countries. 2) You can live your dreamlife here because you can realize a lot of wishes you have.

Worst SL Experience(s): breaking up a bad relationship.

Favorite SL Hangout(s): 1) runwayshows 2) sailing 3) my own home on a beautiful beachisland.
Why: 1) because I'm a runwaymodel and I like clothes. 2) sailing in SL is a lot of fun and I see very nice surroundings3) being on my island relaxes me and I can receive friends there

Favorite SL Store(s): Why: When I want to buy f.i. a dress, I go to lots of shops, looking and searching, because one time I see here a nice gown and the other time somewhere else

Favorite SL Designer(s): Why: I really can't tell, because when I walk on the runway with clothing from a designer, I really like that clothing and another time its from another designer and then I like her/his clothing. I have clothing from various designers.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


These are just a few images of the last year. And we're grateful for all the memories we've shared together over the last year.

Please join us for our 1st Anniversary Party, this Sunday at Noon.
Where else? At Fashionista :)

Dress is formal.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Bella e Scema Pics

Wonderful pics by Tillie Ariantho from the Bella e Scema show. Just click on THIS LINK.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Bella e Scema Show - Beauty Across Two Sims!

What an amazing show SuperElite performed today for Bella e Scema!

First there was the new venue in the sky built by Aisling Sinclair. Because Bella e Scema's clothes are completely changeable, Ash built the sets textures to change over THE ENTIRE show. And it worked beautifully because she built the set across two sims.

Then came a wonderful dance and light show that completely wowed the crowd of almost 60. And the show hadn't even started yet!

Then came the show. The clothes by Bella e Scema's resident genius, klara Wako were gorgeous. They are unbelievable creations. It is with good reason that they are the most expensive clothes in SL. Every piece of clothing is completely changeable with a hud.

We must also mention that the clothes and styling was perfect by our 8 female and 4 male models. Plus the choreography by all of the models was wonderful...especially considering it was 12 SuperElite models over an hour and a half.

Many thanks to the great Rena Mascot. She not only choreographed the show, but she produced it as well. She also arranged for all of the clothing and scripted too. Rena, SuperElite cannot thank you enough.

Nor can we thank klara enough for letting us premiere her fabulous clothes!

(more pics and credits to come)

Bella e Scema Show Today!

We have a wonderful show today. We will be debuting klara Waco's latest collection for Bella e Scema. The show and stage are just lovely. And the clothes are amazing and unique.

Please come early if you can. Our shows have been filling the sim. And i'd hate for you to miss out on this :)