Friday, August 28, 2009


Here is the FULL MOVIE VERSION (approx 12 mins)

And here is the HIGHLIGHTS VERSION (approx 5 mins)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the making of the show and the movie. But we have to give a special shout out to our director/editor TommyLee Nightfire.



A superELITE production

Geryn Sloane Creations
Styles of Edo
KA Design
Angel Dessous
Virtual Impressions

Isabel Brocco
Apollo Call
Donald Feld
Sami Kutanaga
Mangosio Lohner
Lorelei Maggs
Rena Mascot
Livia Mastroianni
Liam Netizen
Salvo Waydelich

Nimmie Rhiadra

Lorelei Maggs
Benson Compton

Krise Shepard

Lorelei Maggs
Benson Compton

Miguelina Cazenove

Lorelei Maggs
Anette Bernard
Aisling Sinclair
MystreLoverly Wrigglesworth

Rena Mascot

Gwen Carillon

Gwen Carillon

Rena Mascot

Yasmine Kidd
Carabella Babii
Horris Fitzcarraldo

TommyLee Nightfire

Eostara Sim

Thursday, August 27, 2009



"The Eostara Wedding Show"
by TommyLee Nightfire"

Friday: 5pm SLT
Music by DJ Miguelina Casenove

Featuring the designs of:
Geryn Sloane Creations
Styles of Edo
Angel Dessous
[KA] Designs
Virtual Impressions

Friday, August 21, 2009

ELITE SHOW This Wednesday!

Come see both Mimmi and Isabel & Lore's classes together in a wonderful show this Wednesday. The show will feature the work of Anubis Style. Come see the best academy, the best instructors and the best students in SL strut their stuff on the runway.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

SuperELITE Model of the Week: Rayn Coeyman

Name: Rayn Coeyman

SL Rez Day: 3/11/2008

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Rayn

Interests / Activities: Modeling, Shopping, Clubing and hanging with family and friends in sl.

Your major influence(s) in Business: I would have to honestly say Yasmine Kidd. She took me into SE when she was just starting and I had no modeling experience whatsoever, and has turned SE into one of the top modeling agencies in SL :).

Your major influence(s) in Life: I would have to say my RL & SL family are major influnces.

Best SL Experience(s): Watching to of my SL children take the runway for the first time :) ( Angel Mcmullen and Ray Weezles

Worst SL Experience(s): LOL I would have to day that I had a day where nothing would attach and I couldn't tp out of the house which was good cause I was half dressed at the time :).

Favorite SL Hangout(s): Affinity Isle

Why: Cause its a very tropical island with nice people and because I own it :)

Favorite SL Store(s): Indyra Orginals

Why: I love the styles in the store, I can always go there and find something to wear there.

Favorite SL Designer(s): Samahi AlectoWhy: Her designs are awesome, you can tell she pay's attention to details. She's a fairly new designer on SL but I know she will be around for a long time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


As you know big and exciting things are underway here at SuperElite!

With so many plans and shows in development the time and opportunity for all of us to shine is now! If you are looking for a way to get more involved and show off your talents, WE WANT YOU! To help make SuperElite even more amazing then it already is.

The following are positions and skills needed now and all of them offer payment for the efforts you put into making YOUR agency the kind of place you want it to be. Other job listings will be made as our plans and goals are ever expanding, but here are FIVE very important positions that everyone needs to know exist.

PR DIRECTOR- The person responible for this will create Invites, work to get the SE name out there, Create events to help promote SE and help run them, work with bloggers and magazines to promote the SuperElite Agency.

CHIEF BUILDER - This individual will work with other builders and scripters to envision and construct set designs for Agency use.

MARKETING DIRECTOR - This individual will work directly with Designers to get shows and clothing from designers for use in agency shows.

HEAD OF THE BLOG - The person in this position will keep the Agency blogs up to date. Work with affiliate bloggers and photographers to ensure the blogs are ever interesting and timely. This could possibly be done in association with the PR position or the Editor in Chief (EIC).

EDITOR IN CHIEF OF NEW AGENCY MAGAZINE - Currently their are three (3) names in the running for his high profile and very creative position. If you think you have what it takes to run a fashion magazine on par with and exceeding the very best out there, now is the time to step forward. Don't delay on this one as a choice here will be made soon!

Contact RENA MASCOT to apply.

Mimmi Boa Graduation Show- Save the Date!

Join Mimmi and her fabulous SE ELITE students this August 26th at Noon for their graduation show.

They will be wearing the designs of Anubis Style, so please save the date!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SuperELITE Model of the Week: Lilly25 Connolly

Name:Lilly25 Connolly

SL Rez Day:1/16/2007

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: All call me Lilly :))....

Interests / Activities: I love SL, I love to build, talk with all people, meet new people, that what Fashion allows me to do a lot... and i love to walk on the runway, its so much a great feeling, to look and hear audience around happy about what we (models) are showing for them, it's such a great and famous sensation...And yes i m in love with music all kind excepted rap ;)..I m DJ in my Pub :)) when i m not in Fashion activities (shooting, shopping, practising) I m there recharging my batteries ;)).. We must never forget from where we are, and our friends :))

Your major influence(s) in Business: Well, there is a person that I really look and listen with respect, she is wonderful and very nice person, so helping, she does so much for me, it's Ella Quinsette :)).Then there is a place, it's SuperElite.. when i came there the first time, instantly, i was welcomed and Rena offered Friendhsip to me, i was so new in this industry, i was so surprised, really... Rena is a great person also. The Poptart show also did a lot, it was so different, so excellent, so all lol :)))

Your major influence(s) in Life: My daughters embellish my life, The music rythms it, all hope in a good one... I do my best for it...

Best SL Experience(s): The day i met My Rudy :)The day when i became SuperElite model, it's true.. it was my first goal, It's an achievement, now i must go on work and practise :))I love this agency, I m a part of it now :)) i m so proud, sorry lol

Worst SL Experience(s): All experiences in SL were good, we learn also from our mistakes, so always something good to retain...People make bad experience, not the experience itself ;)

Favorite SL Hangout(s): Glendalough sim where my pub isWhy: i feel at home there :))

Favorite SL Store(s) & Why: ahh what a question :)).. I m in love with hair and skin so :))) Maitreya, Tuli, Laqroki, Leltuka, Adam nd Eve, Truth and much more... I love Leezu store, COCO Chanel too, Aleida, Avid (such another kind of but :)) Striking pose, Della, i love theirs pose, simple ;)

Favorite SL Designer(s) & Why: oh this is so difficult to say, I take so much in all and mix all, that i really cant name one... i cant count my LM so guess :))