Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Eve Ball tonight!

Join us tonight at 6pmSLT for the biggest New Year's Eve Bash in all of SL at Club Astarte!

$25,000L in total prizes to be won, as well as amazing musical performers, which include DJ Tristain Savon, Jonas Lunasea and DJ Mercy.

Also, the wonderful Lqqr Lefavre will be taking free pics on our red carpet tonight. So join us for the Fashionista New Year's Ball.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

A SuperELITE Feeling

When I began taking courses provided by the SuperElite Modeling Academy it was because I was eager too grow, to find a way to feed the passion I feel for Modeling and Fashion in SL and to be inspired by and learn from the very best instructors and people possible. And at each level, I can say I not only was able to do that but the experiences did and continue to excel my expectations. So it was no surprise to me when I sat down that first day as a student in the Elite course that I would and continue to feel that same way.

With Mimmi Boa herself as our Instructor, fresh off her winning of the Miss Virtual World Pageant, I felt I was perhaps in the catbird seat. I had a front row ticket and chance to listen, learn and experience the talents and insights of a remarkable, elegant and beautiful woman, both as an Avatar and a person. The shared experiences she brought to the class I know for me were frank, intelligent, insightful, heartfelt, pithy and inspiring. That is a word I am going to use a lot in this blog, Inspiring. Because as you may or may not be aware. The Elite course provides Models with a unique chance to meet the very top movers and shakers of the SL Fashion and Modeling world. Women and Men, such as past speaker Frolic Mills, whom have through untold hours of hard work, RL and SL experience, determination and a commitment to excellence have achieved levels of success above and beyond the norm, and set the standards for the industry as we know it today.

There is a certain feeling you get from some people. It is not an easily described feeling, but when you are around certain individuals, even when they are separated by networks of computers and presented only to you as avatars, that is unmistakable. These speakers, listed in order of appearance, Maggie Mahoney CEO and Founder of RUNWAY Magazine and RUNWAY Productions, Poptart Lilliehook CEO of MODAVIA Fashion Marketing and Ohren Beck CEO of InStyle Fashion Agency and InStyle Modeling are such individuals. They have “gravitas”. Say that word aloud, gravitas. Again, it’s not a word you see or hear everyday, but you know it when you see it. And each of these remarkable women holds it, exudes it and in so doing, inspires.

To a model just starting out in the Fashion World of SL one could not hope or ask for a better opportunity then to listen to the experiences, advice and thoughts of those very people who, if with hard work, dedication and luck, you hope to one day have the chance to work for and with. Each of these incredible speakers arrived at the academy to share with us in a manner that was in and of itself, a testament to the very principles they not only have worked hard to instill in themselves, but hold dear and consider to be the fundamental cornerstones to any models success.

Each came early, fully prepared and armed with keen and unique personal experiences and insights. Relaying both the practical, common sense does and don’ts but more importantly, outlining points and specifics that come only from hands on experience and hard work. Each of them was professional, straightforward and open. It was more then simply advising the class on the keys to success in the field. The importance of self presentation, developing a personal style, commitment to self growth and being capable of adaptation, of being prepared, or the need for being able to communicate directly, openly and intelligently with those you find yourself working with. To know what questions to ask, when and how to not just help you but those for whom you are working for, to be able to assist them by being a true professional. It was more them the importance of a good portfolio, or the equally but even more difficult need to network yourself with people in the field, whom without knowing you will be hesitant perhaps to put their trust in you. More then understanding and ascertaining the quality of one agency over another, and the importance of backing your agency and working hard to support those people who, hopefully are working so hard to help and support you.

All of these things, along with very open and frank answers to very good questions presented by the others in attendance were hallmarks of each of these remarkable guests. But again, it was more then that. Because in having the chance to sit down, face to face with these individuals it was more then the words they spoke that came across. It was more then the intelligent and professional manner in which they conducted themselves and addressed each of us. More then the stories and laughs, wit and willingness to share. More then the genuine glow that each of them held and radiated. It was the personal aspects of each of their personalities and the raw radiant passion for what they do day in and day out, in what is without question, their art that exuded from them. It was an energy that swept the room, crossed the boundaries and seeming limitations of an avatar form and gave you a clear insight and remarkable glance into the persons themselves. And in that, in that sharing in that reflection into the passion and love and dedication to what is fashion and modeling and all things creative and positive in this field, that we have waded into hopeful and excited by, that each of them hold, you understood not only why they have become the hallmarks of the profession they have, but you were inspired. Inspired to take in every morsel of shared thought and experience and at least for me, given hope that I too could in time make my own dreams and aspirations, given a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, come true.

In the end I don’t feel I can sum up in written words the feeling I came away with after the visits of Maggie Mahoney CEO and Founder of RUNWAY Magazine and RUNWAY Productions and , Poptart Lilliehook CEO of MODAVIA Fashion Marketing and Ohren Beck CEO of InStyle Fashion Agency and InStyle Modeling Agency. It’s not easy to explain a sense that you get from someone that seems to be more personal then just the words they speak. And to be honest, I am more then a bit concerned with sounding a bit too over superfluous in my comments for fear they may seem insincere. And nothing could be further from the truth. No, each of these women made an impression on me. Earned my continued and deepened respect and were truly inspiring.

Thank you, each of you, for that. Thank you Mimmi Boa and thank you Yasmine Kidd for providing to us all in the Elite class with such a treat. In addition thank you to my fellow classmates who asked such good questions and shared experiences of their very own. I learned something from each and if I should be lucky enough to continue on as I hope to in SL Modeling or should I unfortunately never get a chance to experience the thrill of a show again, or be given the honor to work with these individuals, I will have come away better for the experiences shared with everyone involved. Inspired to be better then I was, and that is a SuperELITE feeling!

- Tiara Calvert -

Monday, December 22, 2008

Apple May at Stylista Festival

As you know from the previous post and as you may know because you've been there, last Saturday the lovely SuperElite models Rhi Rossini, Wenadrenia Soderstrom, Aleida Rhode, Rena Mascot, Lorelei Maggs and Veronica Krasner presented Apple May designs in the awesome location of Patch Thibaud Auditorium, introduced by Krise Shepherd.

The event was organized to benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation at the Stylista Festival 2008. Apple donated her creations, models their experience and time, and I enjoyed the show on a comfy seat.

Lorelei Maggs wearing "Snowflake"

Rena Mascot wearing "CEO"

Aleida Rhode wearing "Wild Zebra"

Rhi Rossini wearing "Charming"

Lorelei Maggs wearing "Phoebe"

Rena Mascot wearing "Rampage"

The Stylista Festival is still going on, until 31st December.

Each day you can enjoy fashion shows, live musicians and you really can help with your donations, so don't forget to visit the Patch Thibaud Auditorium Lobby. You can contribute buying the creations donated by the best designers in SL.

See you there.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Presentation of Apple May at Stylista today

Well hello all of you Fashionista's! Today, a nice group from SE will be donating their time for the Make-a-Wish Foundation at the 2008 Stylista Festival. We are wearing the gorgeous designs of Apple May, and will be presenting at 1:30pmSLT. You can find the show here http://slurl.com/secondlife/THE%20BEST%20OF%20BOULEVARD/86/85/23

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bettie Page by Tiara Calvert

When I considered writing something for the Blog my first reaction was what is typical for me anytime I try something new, panic. And since this is my first ever attempt at blogging I hope you will all bare with my fledgling attempts. I’m not exactly sure how old I was or even when I first became aware of Betty Page. She is one of those American Icons that has just seemed to always be present. Like Coca-Cola, Apple Pie, Baseball, they are certain aspects of Americana that just are, seem to have always been and more importantly have been embraced across the globe (with the exception of apple pie perhaps) Betty Page was and remains one of these.

I do however know that I like many looked at Betty Page (often in the form of an artists renderings, such as Olivia) and marveled at her beauty, the daring outfits and poses and feeling as though I was sneaking a peek at something that just maybe, I wasn’t suppose to see. And of course all the time, wishing I could also be as beautiful and famous someday as that woman whose face, body and style seemed to be found, despite the era, in so many places throughout popular culture.

So when I heard that Betty Page had passed away I was like many at first shocked and then of course, saddened. To be honest I couldn’t have told you if the woman I had seen countless times in my life was still alive up to that point, she was larger then life simply because of her iconic status. And Icons are never supposed to die. Never.

Needless to say I even more surprised to learn who the woman behind that famous face, hair and body really was. I was overjoyed to learn she was not only discovered in New York City while working as a secretary but it had taken place right in Coney Island, maybe where I myself have walked countless times. Maybe she even ate at the very first Nathan’s there, two pieces of American (and Brooklyn) history entwined.

Her attitudes and outlook were years ahead of her time and she lived and challenged the social norms of her day so much so that they took an intense personal toll on her. The backlash from some of her more controversial pictures even spawned a senate investigation, no doubt giving those investigating a perfect chance to secretly gawk at the very pictures they pretended to be so outraged by. Church groups and others hounded her and she claimed that FBI Agents would come up to her and display her naked photos to her in attempts to harass her.

Eventually the stresses led to her suffering a nervous breakdown and her life was quickly and seemingly forever changed. She had three failed marriages, was institutionalized, arrested twice for assault on landlords, but found innocent for reasons of insanity. She was diagnosed as schizophrenic and eventually came to find religion in her life and became born again.

She lived the majority of her life quite far from the lens of cameras, preferring to be remembered in her beauty of her youth. Only on occasion would she appear publicly and as mentioned above much of her longevity can be tied to the artists who never forgot her unique and legendary photos and introduced her time and again to new audiences. Through the years it was after all her beauty and unmistakable style that continued to span generations and reach new fans all around the world. Who could have guessed that the Suicide Girls would today be claiming to be the new Betty Pages so many years ago?


Bettie Mae Page (though listed "Betty" on her birth certificate) born April 22, 1923 in Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the most famous and admired American pin-up models of all time. She appeared in countless men's magazines (including Playboy), mail order photos, ads, paperback and album covers, and a few films and TV shows until 1957, when she withdrew from public life and seemed to vanish. Because of her killer curves, sweet smile, sparkling eyes, and unique, black-banged hairstyle (as well as a penchant for nudity and involvement in controversial bondage photos), her legend grew over the following decades.


Images of Bettie have inspired artists, designers, writers, bdsm enthusiasts, and the public at large; some have even credited her with launching the sexual revolution. Her seamless combination of girl-next-door freshness and dangerous sensuality has led to a thriving cult following. In 1992, after decades of mystery, it was finally revealed that Bettie was still alive and had just been living a private life since her "disappearance."


She still enjoyed the Bettie fandom and gave occasional interviews, but was rarely photographed, wishing people to remember her as she was in the 1950's. Bettie has been quoted as saying... "It makes me feel wonderful that people still care for me... that I have so many fans among young people, who write to me and tell me I have been an inspiration."


Bettie died Thursday Dec. 11 2008 at Kindred Hospital in Los Angeles.

Rhi's Make-Over Magic

I first met EllieMae Wycliffe at a photo shoot. She and her husband, SirGeorge Schuttelanz, are the owners of Ellie’s. It was there that I had my very first model competition win! Ellie took my pictures for the ad in their store, hence our photo shoot meeting! Ellie and George are extremely dedicated to their customers. Their designs are cute and affordable, and they have a few mall locations.
This make-over is about taking Ellie from meek, do-gooder, to hot and sexy club woman! In her before picture, you can see her wearing a newbie skin, a Retro Reds bandana by *PERSONA* (in support of Locks of Love), and Eolande's Beijing Olympics Harmony Necklace.
I invited her to my home for a show and tell of some of SL’s best skins and clothing designs. Our first stop was for skins at KA Designs, where she chose the ever so lovely Sunkissed V1 *Smokey02* DB. Next, I took her to Indyra Originals for the hottest club outfit in SL. Indy’s creation, Rampage Wildside was just what we needed. She went for the Mink. After that, we TP’d on over to Detour, where my favorite eyelashes are from. Ellie thought Love were the lashes for her! I agreed.
Back to my house for an eyelash lesson! I posed her and alt zoomed until I could nearly see up her nose! I guided her on voice to eyelash perfection! What a cool make-over to include prim eyelash fitting, eh?!
After getting those lashes all done, we headed off to Miriel for the AMAZING freebie eye pack. Next stop, JCNY. Jewels, and weddings, and perfume, oh my! Ellie instantly fell in love with the Chalice Diamond set, and the Young Hollywood bracelet set. Our final trip was to ETD. Stylish hair at reasonable prices, who can pass that up? Luth is the style that completed Ellie’s new look.xxx

It was great fun helping this wonderful lady become the sexy vixen I know she can be! Keep an eye out for her at the hottest clubs in SL!

If you would like to apply to receive a make-over, contact Rhi Rossini for more information.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advanced Class Graduation

Congrats to our graduating class of Advanced Class on December 9, 2008!

Sami Kutanga - Instructor

Lacey Bade - Production Design


Nani Wrigglesworth

Marisa Sinclair

Didi Smythe

Katelyn Earnshaw

MystreLoverly Wrigglesworth

Amput Bebb

Tiara Calvert

Donald Feld

Tiara Calvert

Wenadrenia Soderstrom

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Image by Maggie Mahoney

The newly minted Miss Virtual World 2009, our own Mimmi Boa!

Friday, December 5, 2008

We had a Shell of a Good Time!

Image by Rhi Rossini - Click to enlarge
Yesterday's "Venus Envy" show on Fashionista was a total blast! Truly unique in every aspect, the theme of the event was courtesy of Sandro Botticelli's classic painting "The Birth of Venus".
Sponsors were Glance Skins, Calla Hair, Gwen Carillon Designs and Fashion Nomads. In order to allow the audience a close inspection of Joakim Asbrink's incredibly detailed and realistic skins, models were nearly naked. A carefully positioned small leaf covered one delicate part of their anatomy.

Image by Rhi Rossini - Click to enlarge
With Botticelli's image as a backdrop, models emerged and were escorted down the runway and struck the legendary Venus pose on a slowly revolving shell. Mimmi Boa, Lorelei Maggs, Wenadrenia Soderstrom and Sami Kutanga confidently modeled sponsors products to an enthralled and enthusiastic audience. Tiara Calvert and Kylie Balogh escorted our stars onstage. Fashionista CEO Yasmine Kidd took on the role of hostess, while DJ Miguelina provided the music. The incredible set design was created by Gwen Carillon of Elements in Design, who also created and provided the jewelry worn by the cast. Highly detailed sea shells were utilized for our host, DJ, models and the finale introduction of the creative designers. Gwen also developed a gently running shimmering waterway for the models to strut their stuff and made the Botticelli reproduction backdrop.
Image by Rhi Rossini - Click to enlarge
Technical magic for the animated props and special effects were the work of Krise Shepherd of ktool designs. Rayn Coeyman was on hand and provided some much appreciated behind-the-scene assistance. Images of the event were captured by SuperElite's PR Director, Rhi Rossini.
One noteworthy highlight of the event was the first ever public showing of fabulous footwear from Fashion Nomads, a new company featuring designs by Aleida Rhode.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Outrageous Holiday Office Party event

$20,000L to win: Outrageous Holiday Office Party event

Come to the office party you always wished to have!

Thursday December 4th at 6pmSLT

Best office wear contest

Prizes every hour:
7pmSLT $3,000L
8pmSLT $5,000L
9pmSLT $10,000L
and $2,000L during the night

6pmSLT DJ Tristan Savon
7pmSLT Jonas Lunasea
8pmSLT DJ Mercy


Another Venus Envy reminder!

Tomorrow, 12/4 at 1pmSL SuperElite presents the show of the year! Amazing live action set, nearly NUDE models! Trust me, this is one show you DO NOT want to miss!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Academy News from Yasmine

We are very proud of the academy. Because of our fantastic instructors and students, it has quickly become the premeire fashion school in SL. Along with Mimmi and Lacey, Sami Kutanaga has been instrumental in creating that success. And to help us organize, stay on task & become even greater, I am naming Sami as Manager of the SuperElite Academy.
Congrats to Sami and my thanks to Mimmi and Lacey as we prepare for even more greatness from the academy this year.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Beauties and the Beast

Q. What happens when three photographers and one singer
meet in the Fashionista sim? A. One Helluva Party!
Check out some of the action here.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Congratulations x 2

One day / Two Announcements:

1) Yasmine Kidd announces the appointment of Rhi Rossini as PR Director for the SE Group. Rhi is a talented, experienced promotion and marketing professional who is committed to increasing the public's awareness of our agency, models and services. Join us in welcoming Rhi to her new position.

2) Rhi had a lot more to celebrate than a career move, she and SE Model Sami Kutanaga were married at a beautiful ceremony in an equally beautiful location designed and built by fellow SE Model and SL multi-tasker Wenadrenia Soderstrom. The sim was jammed with family and friends gathered to witness the joyous occasion.
We wish Sami and Rhi much love and happiness in the years ahead.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Save the Dates!

Two new fashion shows have been scheduled on Fashionista! Mark your calendars for December 4th and December 20th.
Watch this blog for more details.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Appointment Announcement

Yasmine Kidd, superELITE's CEO, has announced two new positions in her organization. Mimmi Boa has been appointed to the position of Head Model of superELITE Modeling Agency. Mimmi is also Head Instructor at superELITE Fashion Academy. Kylie Balogh assumes the position of Manager for superELITE group. Kylie will be involved in show coordination and promotion.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SuperELITE Modeling Agency

SuperElite Models are invited to attend open auditions at 2pm and 6pm on Thursday, November 13th for the upcoming fashion show scheduled for December 20th.

The casting call will be held at the superELITE Fashion Academy on Fashionista Island.

SuperELITE Fashion Academy

You may have noticed, there is no shortage of models in Second Life. Unfortunately, most are unemployed and unknown. So, what does it take to get noticed, to stand out from the crowd, to get modeling jobs?

A key component in the success of the majority of SL's top models is their training. There must be substantially more than just a pretty face to make it in the rough 'n tumble world of fashion modeling. Professional model training can be the springboard to a successful career.

There are several well respected modeling schools in-world. However, SuperElite Modeling Agency founder Yasmine Kidd felt that the "one-size-fits-all" curriculum approach was not completely addressing the needs of all models and those who employ them. Unlike other modeling classes, SuperElite offers courses fine-tuned to different levels of experience:

The Beginner Class offers comprehensive courses to prepare you for your entrance in the modeling field. For the more experienced, the Advanced Class focuses on the expectations, needs and demands you face on the job, with emphasis on runway training. Finally, the Elite Class is a post-graduate advanced course, taught by Mimmi Boa, one of SL's most successful models. Mimmi takes her class deep into the nitty-gritty world of fashion and professional modeling. These sessions also feature workshops by leaders from the worlds of fashion, design, and related businesses. Also, unlike any other modeling course in SL, those who complete the Elite training are guaranteed a job by SuperElite.

The goal of the superis to teach every model to be the best they can be, from the complete noob to the most elite of the elite.

Beginner Class
LENGTH: Two hour long classes, a photoshoot & graduation exhibit
INSTRUCTOR: Lacey Blade & Sami Kutanaga
CURRICULUM:-Everything you ever wanted to know about adjusting your AV - Everything you ever wanted to know about adjusting clothes - Lessons on proper use of posestands, overrides and facelights. - Using clothes folders - Animated poses versus static - Photoshoot ettiquette
INCLUDED: Free photosession & poses
TUITION: $1,500L

Advanced Class
LENGTH: Four hour long classes and a Graduation Runway Show
CURRICULUM:-Using walks and walk overriders - Using Pose HUDS - Runway basics - Runway ettiquette- Runway mechanics - Matching poses to outfits - Developing a routine - Runway workshops and critiques - Fighting lag - Real runway show rehearsal
INSTRUCTOR: Sami Kutanaga & Lacey Bade
INCLUDED: Free pose hud, poses & walk overrider
TUITION: $3,500L

Elite Class
LENGTH: Six hourlong classes, a photoshoot and graduation Runway Show
INCLUDES: Free portfolio book, top in-world guest speakers and free photoshoot
CURRICULUM: Building a modeling portfolio - Interview preparation and technique - Styling tips with a trend on making your av as unique as possible - Photography lessons from top level photographer - The reigning Miss Universe discusses beauty contests - One of SL's most famous magazine editors discusses what it takes to be a cover model - Developing a fashion show routine - Standing out on the runway - Kicking Lag's ass - Final portfolio review
TUITION: $6,000L

Fashionista Island

Fashionista Island received a fabulous article in this month's UNCOVER magazine. Perhaps what I love best is that the people who created and run Fashionista are all mentioned. Hugs to all our friends who make Fashionista the wonderful place it is....and happy reading. click here to read the article.