Thursday, December 10, 2009

SuperELITE Model of the Week: Katherine Comet

Name: Katherine Comet

SL Rez Day: 11/15/06

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Kat

Interests / Activities: My SL is consistently filled with joy and wonder. Over my past couple of years in SL I’ve been a builder/landscaper/terraformer, an entrepreneur/store owner/club owner, a goddess (so I’ve been told), a model (my current endeavor), a photographer, a stylist, a writer/editor/blogger…….the list goes on and on and I’m sure that others will emerge in the future.

Your major influence(s) in Business: I see no reason to be limited in who I am, or what I wear, in SL. The limitless possibilities are what attract, engage, mesmerize, grip, charm and captivate me. Does my fascination with the liberty I have to change moment to moment and day to day joyously convey itself? The boundless freedom to create mad designs, things that could never be worn in RL, that allow me to play Wendy Darling to Nave’s Peter Pan as we delve ever deeper into the imaginary realms here, wearing Victorian Steampunk one day and Snowcrash’s Cyberpunk the next, Gorean silks and Urban grunge neko. How can you not feel as though your Slife is a musical that re-enacts/recreates itself each day in a new format?

Your major influence(s) in Life: I wasn't sure whether this was directed at SL or RL so rather than torment myself I decided both SL and RL deserved comments:
RL ~ My mother has been my biggest role model for my entire life and is my best friend. She has given me the life tools I have needed to become the woman I am today. She has always been there to support whatever my dreams might be and always had a way of telling me of her disapproval in the gentlest ways.

SL ~ JD Hansen makes some of the best jewelry in SL. The realism and the creativity she uses to make her items, rivals those RL jeweler/artisans. She uses only the finest textures and gives so many options in each design. She is an inspiration to me to never give up on any matter how impossible it may seem.

Best SL Experience(s): Experience: I've been privileged to work closely with several fabulously creative designers on custom designs that I have worn in various contests or for store boards. These experiences gave me an appreciation of the other side of the table where the prims refuse to behave, the colors don't match and mercurial SL gods and goddesses toy with you because they can. These "fashion" experiences have beaten all the diva out of me and awed me with the patience and creativity of fashion designers in SL.
Worst SL Experience(s):

Favorite SL Hangout(s): I love dancing with Nave at Frank's Place Jazz.

Favorite SL Store(s)/Designers: Some of my fashion favorite designers are: House of Beningborough, Dela, JCNY, Earthstones, CCD, Alienbear, SF Designs, Maitreya, Tres Beau Designs, J's, Baiastice and Leezu. And of course I can't forget my own store, Hearts Desire; a unique furniture and decoration place I am able to create and design for those people who want to feel the personal touch I put into all of my innovations.

Some of my favorite hair designers are: Tukinowaguma, Cake and Sky Everett

Some of my favorite skin designers are: Unique, Staged, Belleza, Pelle, Chaisuki, Beauty Avatar Couture, Fickle Fee (for fantasy skins ) and Rockberry.