Thursday, January 29, 2009

Model Class Grad Show 1/31

Join our newest group of graduates as they strut their stuff down the Cloudwalk Runway this Saturday, January 31 at 9amSLT. Featuring the designs of *ICING* and LeeZu!, skins from LionSkins, and swimwear from Pacific Heights Mall.

Sami Kutanaga and her assistant, Tiara Calvert are proud to introduce the newest SuperElite graduates:

Monai Parkin

Nessa Karmin

Angelik Slade

Seashell Dench

Lola Baudin

gloria Gabe

Juju Levee

Nyasina Blessed

Gabiny Arai

Phillip Dollinger

Jens Marksman

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet the Model - Lacey Bade

Lacey Bade, "Lace" to her friends, has been active in-world since April 2007. Her favorite pastimes are modeling, dancing and exploring the virtual world of SL.

Lace credits Tempest Hennesy, of InStyle Modeling Agency, as her primary influence and credits her for fostering her interest in fashion modeling. She's a graduate of InStyle and Ewing Model Training and works as a model for SuperElite and Flawless.

Ask Lace about her best and worst SL experiences and she'll quickly rave about her partner Triper and bemoan both griefers and liars. To chill out, Lace hangs at her island home. You'll often find her dancing with friends at Legends, her fave hangout.

And, don't be surprised if you run into her shopping at Baiastice, Ce Cubic Effect or Bijou. Lace is fond of the quality and visionary designs from Mirai Jun, Kotobuki Jewell and Sissy Pessora.

SuperElite is lucky to have Lace as an Instructor and Model.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Su by LionSkins

If you haven’t been to LionSkins, I highly recommend a visit! Lion Jonesford has recently completed her 3rd line of skins she calls Su. First was Zee, which is no longer available, and then she created Suzana which is still located at her store on the Smaug sim. Su is available in four different skin tones: Fair, Pale, Sunkissed, and Sun. You have an option of lighter brows or darker brows with each make-up.
I am extremely pleased with this hand painted skin. You get a gorgeous neck and collarbone area with a very light sprinkle of freckles between the breasts. There is a nice sheen on the breasts, and the nipples look really nice, in my opinion. You will find a cute little belly button, and below that, the girl bits, which are fine. I also think this skin has the cutest bum in all of SL…I LOVE the lower back dimples! The same sheen you find near the breasts is also nicely drawn onto the upper thigh area. I honestly think the lower legs could use more detailing (knees, ankles), but the toes are really pretty. And I know that is a hard one in SL skin making! The hands feature beautiful fingernails, but, like the lower legs, the arms and hands might need just a little more improvement. My hair is ETD Alyssa in Chestnut, and undies are Ornamental Life Wave Dancer - Seaweed Bracelet.
Su’s face is soft and feminine. The shading is excellent and very well placed. The lips, nose, and chin all have the same gorgeous sheen you can find sprinkled throughout the body. Su is a bit more reserved then Suzana, which was the last line of skin. Most of the make-ups feature nice eyes with lots of bold, bright colors, but you can also find some subtle shades as well. The “lace face” is the most dramatic look in the Su line, and it is available in a few different lace and lip color options. All in all you can find 40 different shades of make-up for each skin tone. In this picture here, I am wearing the fair skin tone, with make-ups 16, 22, 23, 24, and 25. The eyes are EarthStones Stoned Eyes Lapis Lazuli and framed by Detour Faded Lashes. Topping it off is ETD Alyssa in Chestnut.

If you’re looking for a unique touch, aren’t afraid of beautiful color and exotic make up…or if you’re looking or more of a traditional smoky eye and pink lip, I encourage you to stop by their store and see for yourself. Remember, you don’t just need a skin, what you need is personality!

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

It’s Vegas theme night, so anything goes! Show girls, costumes, tuxes, dresses…it’s Vegas baby!!

$18,000L to the best Vegas wears:
$10,000L to 1st place
$5,000L to 2nd place
$3,000L to 3rd place
Featuring performances by:
DJ Azu
DJ Wesley
Jonas Lunasea
DJ Mercy
Thursday January 29th at 6pm SLT

Monday, January 26, 2009

Model Of the Week: Lorelei Maggs

Name: Lorelei Maggs

SL Rez Day: 8-8-07

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Lore

Interests / Activities: Lots! :) Modeling, Shopping, Building, Treasure Quest, 7Seas fishing, spending time with my partner and friends, plus finding interesting new places.

Your major influence(s) in Business: In regards to modeling, the biggest influences have been Yasmine Kidd and everyone at SuperElite. Yasmine and everyone at SuperElite are truly professional through and through, it's an honor and a pleasure to be part of SuperElite. For my businesses and building, the major influences have been Candy Tripp and Darius Wilberg. I could not have accomplished what I have without their support and friendship.

Best SL Experience(s): The people. All the people I've met and the friends I've made. SL wouldn't have nearly as much appeal if not for the people I've met.

Worst SL Experience(s): Having one of the friends I've made in SL have to leave due to a change in RL job circumstances.

Favorite SL Hangout(s): Any of the 7Seas fishing areas that have custom made catchables.
Why: The fishing is relaxing, the venues are quite often very scenic and the fish and other catchables are either incredibly cute or hilariously funny.

Favorite SL Store(s): Stiletto Moody, Riviera Couture, DeLa, MP Haute Style, Bandit Jewelry
Why: Style and Quality, particularly the quality of the textures used.

Favorite SL Designer(s): Same as Above
Why: Same as Above

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who doesn't love a little *ICING*?

I remember the first time I laid my pixel eyes on good clothing in SL. I was a lowly noob, and I had only known the freebie clothing I had gotten from various freebie stores. Well, I guess I can’t say I exactly remember the first time I saw good clothes but I sure remember whose they were!! Miko Omegamu of *ICING*, that’s who! I was awestruck, for sure. I pretty much bought everything in her store, and drooled when she had new releases. Lately she has been steadily pumping them out. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a nice selection of these items, and now I share with you. I hope you enjoy!

This one has to be my favorite design of hers ever. All Eyes On Me is an extremely gorgeous concoction of blue and green silk with an amazing peacock trailing across. It truly is stunning. The flexi feathers dance around your legs with every movement, and his head rests delicately on your shoulder. There is a small prim feather attachment that fits right on his head for that extra touch. This one can be worn as a slim pencil skirt, or a flowing flexi style. Just fabulous. For my look, I have chosen MMS Moscow Fair 3b, ETD Aiiyanna Chestnut, Detour Nails - Lacquer - Ruby, EarthStones Stoned Eyes Turquoise, Redgrave Eyelashes Minimalist and my JCNY Avalon Wedding Band. The earrings are Provoked: Night Clubbing, and shoes Stiletto Moody Pinup (Bottle Green Patent).

Next up we have Beaujolais. This baby doll dress is constructed of the finest silk ombre. The bodice begins in a soft white then melts into a deep wine color. It features a black band just below the breast for a bit of contrast, and can be worn as a pencil skirt, or a full flowing skirt. I added JCNY Stars on Fire Pendant, JCNY Classic Diamond Stud Earrings and Maitreya Slinky Stilettos - White.

The next beautiful frock is the Sequined Starlet. This design makes a great party dress with its fitted look covered in sequins. The fishtail skirt features tons of soft feathers for a nice added flair. You also get a cute little feather hat thing, and the dress is available in 4 colors: Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst and Onyx. Again, I have on JCNY Stars on Fire Pendant and JCNY Classic Diamond Stud Earrings, but this time my shoes are Dirt Road - Lux Aeterna.

In these photos I have on 2 of her wonderful designs which are Vixen & Glam Stole. Vixen is a form fitting satin number with a nice gathered design down the front. I seriously love Miko’s shading and use of color. So exquisite, and available in Sapphire, Ruby, emerald and Onyx.. Now this Glam Stole is really something! It come with 2 ways to wear: over the shoulder, or wrapped around back. And you know what is even more cool?? It has a built in AO! So you don’t have to worry about the pieces cutting into your head, arm, back, etc. You can walk, fly, sit and stand, all with ease, and looking great. Splendid!! My jewels are Paper Couture Crystal Bloom set, and shoes Maitreya Slinky Stilettos. (I have to add this bit from Miko’s blog because it is so hilarious, I about spit my drink all over!!) Now the disclaimers: For best results, you should turn off or remove any other AOs as they may interfere with the look of the stole. Dancing in the stoles may cause your avatar to appear as if it is being attacked by 3 rabid albino raccoons.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Marilyn. Now this is a fun dress. It is, of course, crafted after the one and only Marilyn Monroe from “The Seven Year Itch“. It features a draped halter top which slithers into a lovely flowing skirt. What’s so fun about that you ask? Well, it comes with this magical grate you can rez to the ground, and when you step on it, WOOSH, the skirt blows up and you are instantly transformed into a lovely Marilyn pose with the air blowing up the skirt! It comes with two different poses and a gesture. I told you, fun! I got this one after I had done my pictures of the previous dresses so my look is a little different, I tried to go Marilyn-esque! The look is Soda Persona - Sand - The Pinup - Smokey - Red, Ingenue ~ Marilyn ~ Platinum, Detour - Faded Lashes, EarthStones Stoned Eyes Blue Calcite, Detour Nails - Lacquer - Vamp, ETD Peep Sling backs - Linen, Paper Couture Diamond Necklace Set and Marilyn Ring, gold.

Friday, January 23, 2009

SuperELITE Model Spotlight: An Interview with Cooa Spyker

Recently I got the opportunity to sit down with Cooa Spyker as she was on her lunch break from her RL work, the following is an insight into another of SuperELITE’s Alumni success stories.

Tiara Calvert: Can you tell me how you came to be in SL?

Cooa Spyker: Well I have participated in online games before with my brothers. One of them saw a story about SL on TV I believe and mentioned it to me. I checked it out and here I am.

Tiara Calvert: And what was it that you found appealing, that kept your interest over more conventional games?

Cooa Spyker: I like the diverse nature of SL. There are so many interesting aspects to the game and many ways to be involved. I am constantly finding new "nooks and crannies" to investigate. Plus I enjoy that SL is not just a "shootem up" but is a more social game. It is so fun to meet many different kinds of people and interact with them! I am quite outgoing so I like to talk to folks. :)
Tiara Calvert: And how did you come to be involved with modeling and fashion here in SL?

Cooa Spyker: Well at first I was involved in the typical club scene in SL. Over time I met some nice people, some of whom are my current SL family. One of my friends mentioned a contest that she was in at JCNY and got interested in Fashion at that point. I started investigating and upgraded my appearance, took modeling lessons and networked heavily. Eventually I was able to launch a career from those contacts.

Tiara Calvert: You mentioned training, where are some of the places you've trained?

Cooa Spyker: Well I have trained at SuperElite Academy. That is really the only place I have trained. But I found their training to be excellent and just what I needed. Then I was able to hone my skills on the runway through contacts at Opium Fashion. Then in Stills through Voodoo Vogue. Subsequent to that, I began the pageant at Ms. Beautiful and I was able to perfect my runway techniques there because they have many smaller pageants within the larger one. So I was walking maybe 3-4 times a week. That helped me become silky smooth on the runway... :)

Tiara Calvert: You've had no small level of success, what would you say has been your greatest achievement so far?

Cooa Spyker: I think that my greatest achievement was being crowned Ms. Beautiful 2008 back in December. I did not expect to win and I was very lucky to have won. There were a large number of contestants and it was a long and grueling pageant.

Tiara Calvert: That is an incredible achievement, congratulations. Having won such a prestigious event, what goals do you have for the near future?

Cooa Spyker: Well I enjoy coaching other models and I have made a number of industry contacts through my efforts in the fashion field. I have begun working for Simone! As a sort of Model Coordinator, and Stratten Fashion as a model coach and Event Host. So I would like to continue that work and help my those organizations successful! I also will likely join another pageant and have more fun doing that. Additionally I want to continue my general modeling career for my agencies. :) I hate being bored. :) And I can stay quite busy in SL. I like that!

Tiara Calvert: Sounds like the fashion world is going to be seeing and hearing allot more from you. Having now experienced the industry from both sides of the runway, is there one particular area you enjoy more? And if so why?

Cooa Spyker: hmm. I like both sides. Being on the runway is very fun and challenging. Behind the scenes is perhaps less exciting, but also very rewarding. I will do both as long as I can. I have seen the "nasty side" of modeling on the runway and I don’t really like that allot. BUT I try to be the "nice person" who is polite, and helpful to new models etc... To help offset that ugly side... :) And that applies to both sides of the fashion scene.

Tiara Calvert: Cooa, how would you summarize your style and who are a couple of your favorite designers?

Cooa Spyker: I have to change my style to suit the clothes I am wearing. I have skins from Gothy to Fresh to Hot. As is typical, they interchange as needed. My style fits to suit. I would say I like the edgy side of my personality (like the hair I have on right now). That is probably my preferred style but I can run with everything from Gowns to Bikinis. I do pretty well across the board that way. My favorite designers are Simone Stern of Simone! And Amutey DeCuir of Bliss Couture. Amutey made my "one of a kind" gown for the finals of the Ms. Beautiful Pageant. I also like Niki Ree.

Cooa Spyker: ^^giggles^^ Oh... and Amutey named the Gown I wore after me and now sells it in her shop! I was soo flattered. OMG.

Tiara Calvert: That’s quite an honor and sounds like something we should all take a look at, I know I will. What advice would you give to new and aspiring models?

Cooa Spyker: Well. I do counsel models from time to time. Modeling can be very difficult to break into; it has an ugly side that models sometimes encounter as well. My initial advice is to get good training. Also, be sure you have a polished look. That might involve spending some lindens. That is invaluable. Get your name in front of the industry, join some model groups and network if you can. Watch for a break. Don't get discouraged or give up, persist. There are many nice folks in SL modeling both on the agency and modeling side. Find them and try to work with them.

Tiara Calvert: That sounds like excellent advice. Lastly, are there any final thoughts you would like to leave with our readers?

Cooa Spyker: YES! Here are the links to my blog And flikr can be accessed from my Blog. Thank you for having me for the interview. I enjoyed it.

Tiara Calvert: Thank you Cooa for a wonderful opportunity to sit down and meet with and learn more about you. All of us here at SuperELITE wish you continued success!

Cooa Spyker: Thank you very much Tiara. You are a wonderful interviewer!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Model of the week: Sydney Nightly

Name: Sydney Nitely

Rez Day: 11/04/07

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Syd

Interests / Activities: Modeling!, fashion, styling/designing, decorating, shopping

Your major influence(s) in Business: Yasmine is responsible for my start in modeling. She has been supportive and has encouraged me every step of the way. I would not be here today if not for her. She is truly an amazing person.

Your major influence(s) in Life:

Best SL Experience(s): Becoming a part of SL's modeling & fashion world as a model/stylist has been by far my best experience here, as well as the wonderful people I have met along the way.

Worst SL Experience(s): I can not say I have had a terrible experience here. I am sure we have all encountered disappointments, but overall, my time here has been fun and enjoyable.

Favorite SL Hangout(s): I really enjoy live music in SL and spend some of my extra time listening to several of these great musicians, but my favorite times are hanging out with my friends.....wherever that may be.


Favorite SL Store(s): Orage, LBD, Baiastice, RC, DeLa, Ce Cubic, BOIS, Mimikri, Azul, DBS, EarthStones, Stiletto Moody & Armidi are some of my favorites.

Why: One word....Quality. :)

Favorite SL Designer(s): Elettra Gausman, LeeZu Baxter, Eshi Otawara, Sky Everett, DBS Heart, Fuscia Jewell, Sissy Pessoa, Abraxxa Anatine, Stiletto Moody, & Mami Jewell are some of my favorites.

Why: The vision, detail, and quality in their designs are simply some of the best!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three hot club dresses

One of the most popular stores on the grid FINALLY has some new clothing releases…that’s right, I am talking about Redgrave. Flowers, drapes, sequins, it’s all gorgeous. I adore the shading techniques used, and the use of real photographic textures. You also get so many options with these new outfits. Skirt length, skirt style, front options…so versatile.

The first I want to show you is called Flower Dress. Luscious gathers of white gabardine knit hug your curves and a cute black and silver sequin belt wraps around your waist. This dress has a nice asymmetrical design. One shoulder is exposed, while the other is covered with a gorgeous white flower. Also, the skirt is hiked up a bit higher on one leg, and you have the option of wearing a simple mini, or you can wear the ruffles for when you’re feeling extra feminine. I am wearing the new tan Vivian skin in Magenta, EarthStones Stoned Eyes Black Pearl with Detour’s Faded Lashes, ETD Shari - Chestnut, JCNY Avalon Wedding band, Redgrave New Years' Glamour Heels -White and Tesoro ‘Beyoncee’s If I were a Boy’ Earrings.

Next we have 70ties Clubbing DRESS -Nude. This form fitting sequin wonder is sure to catch the eye. The extremely low cut bodice is made for the daring. The long sleeves feature prim cuff, and you get a neat layer of sparkles at the waist on a system skirt. You can choose a cute flared mini, or wear a simple slim mini. You also have a couple choices for the collar. Simple wrap around the neck, or a loose hanging knot. I am again wearing tan Vivian, but this time in Smoky1. I changed my hair to Detour’s Writer in Java.

This last dress is called Cord-Sequin Mini Dress -Black. This one has the most options. The form fitting black sparkle fabric features a gold hoop halter top. You can choose to wear it so many different ways! First we have long and flowing, with the chiffon shreds cascading down your front. Next is short and simple with the gold hoop halter top, mini skirt prim, fingerless gloves and feather collar. And in the final image, I have the chiffon shreds, but at a shorter length. This shade of tan Vivian is Grey and my hair is ETD Flapper in Chocolate.

Be sure to stop in to Redgrave today and get your pixel hands on these hot new designs!

Boot Camp Party pictures!

What fun it was this past Thursday as well all sweated our pixels off! The bi-weekly themed party at Club Astarte was BOOT CAMP TRAINING. In celebration of those New Year's Resolutions, we had all the work out equipment you could need set up. Prizes were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, totaling $15,000L. I took a few pictures of the hot and sweaty fun, you can view them here:

Be sure to keep your eye on the blogs and group notices for our next celebration.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thursday January 15th at 6pm slt


3,000L for 3rd place prize
5,000L for 2nd place prize
10,000L for 1st place prize

BEST IN GYM WEAR get those lycras, those spandex, those shorts and t's and sneakers.. and get ready to work out in our special gym.... ;)

Get those working out animations ready, you're going to need them!!
Ad graphic courtesy of Mercedes Lax

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two gorgeous watches from Bandit Jewelry

I remember the very first Bandit ring I ever saw…it was an ad in one of the magazines, and it was the Diamonds Party. I was mesmerized. When I got to the store, I found so many gorgeous baubles, I knew I had to get my hands on them! Now, Anthony77777 Bandit has created some amazing watches. Resize-able, bling-able, time settable, sparkling diamonds…what more can you ask for?!

Up first is the Oyster DayDate in Platnium Pink. This watch seriously resembles a high class Rolex. Diamonds sparkle under the glass, marking the digits of time. It has hour, minute and second hands which keep the time. Zoom in close, and you can see them ticking away. You can resize and set the time simply by clicking on this watch. I love the pale pink backdrop of the face. Exquisite work from an exquisite designer!

xxxThe next one is called Lady’s Marquise Watch. Simple elegance is what this piece speaks to me. A white satin band wraps around your wrist, finished with a oval faceplate. Diamonds hug the oval, which contains the roman numerals of time. Same as the previous watch, just click for resizing and retiming.

Visit Bandit here:


Soda: Persona - The Pinup - Sand - Smokey Light - Petal

Detour Bob III Black

Detour Faded Lashes

EarthStones Stoned Eyes Black Pearl

KA Sexy Silver Dress

JCNY Avalon Womens Wedding Band

Monday, January 12, 2009

SE Grad show pictures

Mimmi Boa's newest round up of fresh faces hit the runway yesterday for their final Graduation Show. We have some photographs we would love to share. Enjoy!

Krise Sheperd was kind enough to take some great photos, so check out his stuff here:

And view some shots of each model herself, here:

The next Elite class will be starting soon, don't miss out!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meet the Model - MystreLoverly Wrigglesworth

MystreLoverly Wrigglesworth (Myst or Mystre to her friends) has been in SL since November 2007. When not working tirelessly for SuperElite, she spends her time modeling, building, dancing, exploring and (by her own admission) nibbling on friends.

Mystre credits SuperElite's CEO, Yasmine Kidd, as her major influence in her SecondLife career. "That little angel has pushed me farther than I thought I could go", she says.
Does she have any pet peeves? "Having a newbie walk up with an opening line of "Nice Shoes, Lets F***", is at the top of her list.

Mystre keeps mum when asked about her favorite hangouts; "I have two or three, but I'm keeping those to myself for now... a girl needs some time off her herself ".

Favorite SL Stores include Bare Rose, Naughty~n~Nice and Sintimacy, crediting their "wonderful quality outfits at at very reasonable prices" for her customer loyalty. "I love the work of Istephanija Munro (Sintimacy) and Nikita Lightfoot (Naughty~n~Nice) and several other designers. It all depends on my mood and what sort of outfit I'm looking for. And my tastes in some dresses is forcing me to expand my horizons."

Friday, January 9, 2009

Elite Graduation show

Come on down, this Sunday at noonSLT to watch the lovely graduates of Mimmi Boa strut their stuff down the runway.

Tiara Calvert

Livia Mastroianni

Raine McCellan

Susanna Triellis

Nani Wigglesworth

Harlee Lane