Monday, May 25, 2009

SuperELITE Model of the Week: Rouge Anthony

Name: Rouge Anthony

SL Rez Day: 1/2/2008

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Rouge

Interests / Activities: In SL: Modeling, Dancing, Hanging out and Shopping, RL: I read too much, listen to a lot of music, watch cartoons and cook big meals.

Your major influence(s) in Business: I don't think I have any major influences but I respect people who have promoted themselves when others haven't bought into their idea or products like E. Lynn Harris, Jay-Z, Zane and the like.

Your major influence(s) in Life: My father, he was intelligent and funny and very humble. I respect the life he created for us and his undying support of our dreams.

Best SL Experience(s): Seeing the request to partner in my inbox, meeting some of my closest friends now, dancing at great clubs, my final graduation show and being picked to be in the JCNY MODEL'FEST.

Worst SL Experience(s): Unpleasantness has happened but as things are better now I don't dwell on it.

Favorite SL Hangout(s): Why: My house actually, I've got tons of great streams preprogrammed in and I can invite friends over and just relax.

Favorite SL Store(s):Why: Ingenue is my absolute favorite store because it has the best vintage hair and clothes I have seen on the grid but I love Ivalde, 1800Betties, Azul, Icing, Muism, Bliss Couture and MichaMi has become a quick favorite. ETD and Laqroki are my hair faves. All of those designers are amazing and it feels great to be in their clothes.
Favorite SL Designer(s):Why: There are too many to name truthfully but the ones listed above dominate a my wardrobe.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Party and Exhibition of Gianmario Masala

We were so thrilled with the photos of our March/April Elite class, we decided to create an exhibit of all of Gianmario Marsala's photos.
To celebrate, we are inviting one and all to the Grande Unveiling...
Who: Photographer/Artist, Gianmario Masala
When: Friday, May 22 at 2P
What: Party and Exhibition of March/April Elite Class photos. Also featuring DJ Miguelina Cazenove.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SuperELITE Model of the Week: Angel Mcmullen

Name: Angel Mcmullen

SL Rez Day: March 17, 2008

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Angel

Interests / Activities: Theatre art, Dancing Mellow music Exploring SL

Your major influence(s) in Business: Trying to have a big name as Mimmi Boa

Your major influence(s) in Life: Rayn Coeyman I seen her work hard and i wanted to be just like that

Best SL Experience(s): My first Runway Show, I got such a rush didnt know it would feel like that

Worst SL Experience(s): When I took up half of my house

Favorite SL Hangout(s): Red door

Why: I'm co-owner plus I love the stream there so sometime when no one is there I sit and relax as i listen to the stream

Favorite SL Store(s): Jador

Why: I have all her fits almost I just love them

Favorite SL Designer(s): too many to count

Why: Im a shopalic

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pop Tarts was a Hit!

"Pop Tarts" was a hit. The cast and crew delivered a unique, fresh and exciting presentation of Digit Darkes celebrity inspired fashions . Much of the performance was captured by Tillie Ariantho, check out her pics here. The event was captured by Tommylee Nightfire and is being prepared for a YouTube Video! An encore performance is being planned. Watch for an announcement.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Maseno Project show pics!

What a fabulous show it was. Thank you so much for all of the hard work from everyone! Tillie was kind enough to take pictures for us, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Model of the week: Chrystina Jonesford

Name: Chrystina Jonesford

SL Rez Day: 1/30/2008

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Chrys/Chrissy

Interests / Activities: i have many interests and activitys if i was to name all you would be reading all day hehe, i love music ~ DJing and Adore modeling and fashion :P

Your major influence(s) in Business: SuperElite as a agency and the models Have Inspired Me to persue modeling further as did Sydney Nitely And Krystanna Wycliffe! Thank you!

Your major influence(s) in Life: Friends, People, Fashion and music are a huge part of my SL Life and RL LIfe, and infulence me In different ways and some in the same .xx

Best SL Experience(s): SL is amazing in its self, The JNCY Modelfest has been One of my best And Also Joining SuperElite Acadamy and Experienceing the Classes, The shows and meeting lovely people has been amazing!!!

Worst SL Experience(s): I wouldnt say worst as Every Experience has made me stronger and a better person to learn from them., most Experience's have their bad points but you have to let the bad in with the good :)).

Favorite SL Hangout(s): soo many.but recently -..Galaxy,Freesoul,Cwazy, 6th Element, Sleek Beach, anywhere u can shop and have great music is a bonus

Why: Because I have met some Awesome People At these Places and because of the music and fashion :P

Favorite SL Store(s): Freesoul, Adiva,Digit Darks JCNY,Matreya,Bishwear,J's,Tukinowaguma, ETD, Laqroki SG Fashion, ,Addoro, i adore skin stores lol (this list could go on forever)

Why: because they Are High Quiality Stores, i love the designs and service and i also love the variaty of different clothing, shoes, hair.

Favorite SL Designer(s): Caithlin Carter, Nikki Ree, Annejoy Paine. Steffi Villota, Stilleto Moody, - i honestly do know to many to name.

Why: Because I love their Designs, Their stores, The Fashion Sence and The service and help

Thursday, May 7, 2009

SuperElite Presents Maseno Project II: Garments of Hope

SuperElite presents Maseno Project II: Garments of Hope

When: Friday, May 8th 2009 1pmSLT

After the big success of "The Maseno Project" last year, with 2 shows called "Garments of Hope", Mimmi Boa decided to once more support the children in the western Kenya orphanage, Nest Rescue Center.

It is a great honor for SuperElite to donate our time and help this wonderful cause for our beloved co-worker and friend, Mimmi.
Please join us this Friday to help raise money for these sweet, innocent children of the Nest Rescue Center. Auction to be held at end of show with 100% of the proceeds from the one of a kind garments going to the Nest Rescue
Featured models:

Tiara Calvert
Andrew Laguna
Nani Wrigglesworth
Mimmi Boa
Lorelei Maggs
LaBella Forcella
Sami Kutanaga
Rod Insippo
Seashell Dench

Featured desingers:
Stitch by Stich
Patriza Blessed
Lady Thera
Terra d'ombra
Sam's Secret
Prelude, Collection Privée

Choreography, script, PR, hosting:
Rhi Rossini

Set decor:
Wenadrenia Soderstrom
Jens Marksman

SuperELITE Model of the Week: Jens Marksman

Name: Jens Marksman

SL Rez Day: 12/6/2006

Nickname / Name you liked to be called: Jens

Interests / Activities: Modeling and building. I enjoy the two very much ... I want to become a master builder in SL

Your major influence(s) in Business:I find my biggest influence in business is SuperElite and the modeling industry

Your major influence(s) in Life: My wife Wena and our life together

Best SL Experience(s): Being able to exsist here with my partner and being able to creat beautiful things together

Worst SL Experience(s):

Favorite SL Hangout(s): At our home

Why: buiding and working on the next show ... in a sense shopping as well

Favorite SL Store(s): ALpha Male

Why: They have quality clothing for the male avatar... make my avi look his best at all times.

Favorite SL Designer(s): SF design

Why: Swaffette really knows how to design for the male avatar.... i can go from casual to formal in one swoop... ty swaffette firefly